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The real hidden ETC recorder all-in-one machine has been sold, don't lose at the highway intersection

In the face of increasingly complex traffic, traffic forensics, anti-collision porcelain, etc. have made the recorder a just-needed product for car owners, and the scope of activities of each car owner has expanded. Big banks push ETC services, making ETC a just-needed product by default for car owners.

  Earlier, some recorder manufacturers launched the so-called ETC and recorder two-in-one machine, but in fact, the ETC and recorder are separate products. After long-term technical precipitation and independent research and development, [Silianda] will launch the third-generation cardless hidden ETC recorder all-in-one in 2021. It truly does not occupy the sight of the windshield, and the installation saves time and effort. On the basis of the recorder, the ETC function is added, which is different from the traditional recorder products, avoids homogenization competition, and has more added value. A good product also has a good experience, and listen to the editor's meaning:


1. Smart activation use:

In today's era when you can go out with a smartphone, the third-generation cardless hidden ETC recorder does not need to be time-consuming and laborious to queue up at the bank to activate it. Just scan the QR code with your smartphone and press Step-by-step operation can be easily activated, convenient and fast!

2. Nationwide:

Before many car owners installed the so-called ETC recorder all-in-one machine from a friend, it can only be used in a limited range, or can not be used in different places. Now [Shilianda] the third-generation cardless hidden ETC recorder all-in-one machine is connected to the national high-speed network, and high-speed toll stations in any area can pass. The equipment is mature and reliable. It avoids the embarrassment that the highways in different places cannot be used.

Three, save money:

The problem of wallet is the top priority of our car owners. [Shilianda] The third-generation cardless hidden ETC recorder can enjoy a discount of ≥5% according to the current national regulations for ETC traffic, and now enjoy a 5% discount. .

3. Security and anti-theft:

In the past, I could often hear the news of car owners saying that the ETC device was stolen after installing the card. It was because the ETC of the card was opened. The wireless card reader closes the car glass to read the card and can "steal", just turn off the small-amount password-free payment service of the bank card.

【Shilianda】The third-generation cardless hidden ETC recorder all-in-one machine, truly realizes no physical silver card, no external communication interface, and there is no risk of fraud. Safer, car owners are more assured to use!

4. Modular design:

As we all know, ETC is generally fixed on the front windshield, and it is forbidden to disassemble and assemble at will. Removing it will not affect the normal operation of the ETC at all.

5. The recorder has always been excellent:

[Shilianda] As an old brand with 14 years of brand precipitation in the automotive electronics industry, it has always used the special hidden recorder for special vehicles as its old business. With the vehicle-standard quality recorder products and high-quality services, it has always been with the car factory. It has cooperated with major 4S groups and passed the IATF16949 system certification and 3C certification. The recorder part adheres to the car-level quality, and the addition of the third-generation cardless hidden ETC is simply a powerful combination.

6. Low failure:

For agents and consumers, the most concerned thing is the quality of the product. For the smartphones we use, we usually go to the mobile phone store to replace the batteries in about two years. The all-in-one machine does not have a battery, and the product has a longer service life and is safer.

Now it coincides with the golden nine and silver ten, and all recorder competitors are already at the highway intersection, ready to start. The above user experience is only the tip of the iceberg of the benefits of the third-generation cardless hidden ETC recorder. Such a practical and just-needed product will surely be favored by the majority of car owners. Excellent quality assurance and considerate service, combined with differentiated marketing strategies, will bring better profit and added value to the majority of agents and partners. So don't lose at the toll booth at the highway intersection!


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